Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The animals and our lives revolving around them-2

Then there is the pet food industry and you see whole sections in every grocery store dedicated to the pet foods. And then there are specialty stores dedicated exclusively for pets, there are hotels and even a restaurant dedicated to the pets. In my town, there is a pet day care and grooming business where they have your pets and take care of them while you are at work. And pets are a huge plus for elderly couples and singles who don’t have anybody to talk to or keep them company so I see old people with pets more than with their kids and grandkids. The most surprising part is that there is a organization dedicated to the protection of the rights of animals and they have the power to arrest people if they see them abusing animals. You can see many movies with at least one pet owning actor and how they cuddle and take care of them and talk to them just for company. Even there are pet cemeteries all across the United States and zoos have a roaring business with animal lovers. And news about pets become huge in an instant like some whale rescue or dog stuck somewhere and people go out of their way to root for these creatures. I mean if you have some creativity in your mind and you love pets, you can make tons of money doing pet supply or pet store owner online or offline. Although it is a huge undertaking if you try that but the rewards are much greater since people will flock to your store if you have a unique way to approach your pet business. Even a person who is not as fond of pets gets melted when he/she sees some cute animal playing funny or innocent tricks. So these animals are a huge part of lives and we continue to share our lives with them.

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