Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Technologically advanced and dumb society

The other day I was discussing about how our society has become technologically advanced but in the process it has made us a lazy and dumb one too. And I am also involved in it too. For example my late father used to add numbers faster than what i can input in the calculator and get the answer. And he used to calculate it in his head when I have to use the calculator. Our reading and writing habits have become a joke as we are constantly trying to create shortcuts to convey our message across. Reading books have become a chore instead of being fun. Technology has made our lives easier but also has affected our health since we are becoming less mobile and do less exercise. We have stopped using our brains since we know that everything is right at our fingers tips in the form of tablets and mobile phones. Our society has become advanced but at the same time we have become slaves to the technology. Our younger generation with the reading and math scores that we have has fallen behind under fast rising economies. We have become advanced due to some smart people who had the vision to develop technologies but our society as a whole is trying to find short cuts to wealth with lottery tickets going through the roof without working hard. I mean we should go back to the basics of what made us so much technologically advanced and smart. Smartness is what we need to remain competitive

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