Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Frustration and hopelessness on the rise in the Muslim World

As you already know there is a lot of frustration and hopelessness in the Muslim world and it is rising exponentially. For people outside it seems like the anger and frustration is directed towards the U.S. and other western countries but it is more about their own leaders and the corruption and the incompetency that has created this kind of hopelessness. People in that part of the world all want the same thing as other people in other areas like jobs, education, health facilities, living in peace with neighbors, quality of life and progress. But for a long time since anybody could remember these kinds of values have been elusive in the Muslim world and it is the leaders who have lost progressive vision reckless disregard for the well being for its citizens that the anger and frustration has risen against them. But the irony is that these same leaders are their own people and they cannot blame outside forces for imposing it on them no matter what they say. The problem mainly is that even if they seem that they have elected honest people, there is so much temptation for power that it is hard to resist not to fill your own pockets and not take care of your people and people have become so desperate that they are unwilling to wait for things to improve so they agitate and accuse their leaders of being pro-western and any other name so that they can hide their own failings because all the citizens are involved in this mood of frustration and hopelessness and whole books can be written on this topic but to be brief it is the whole colossal failure of the Muslim world including leaders and common people not to work hard and look internally to their failings that is giving rise to this frustration. Unless honesty, hard work, truthfulness and caring and faithfulness to your own people is not imbedded in Muslim societies, they will keep on seeing this doom and gloom for decades to come.

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