Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Syrian conflict and the U.S.-2

The weapons the U.S. is trying to send may end up with extremists group who are already having an upper hand in that conflict as compared to moderate groups and will the alawites just leave the country or will they have their own protective enclave where they will live to fight on one day. And who is to say that if and when the extremists group wins the control of Syria, they will just stop there and will not fight in another country even if they are the same co-religionists. As one of the officials said recently, this conflict can last for years because even if the current Syrian government collapses they are not going to go without a fight or retreat to their ethnic strong holds and attack from there. And for once somebody has recognized that Syria is not another Libya because of different ethnicities and the powerful military it has (not to mention international backers). Already the conflict (or civil war whatever you might want to call it) has become very vicious and bloody but we still need to restrain ourselves not to get involved militarily in that war. And if the rebels over run Syria then their next target might be Israel since it is just next door and the uneasy peace the current Syrian Regime has with Israel may not last longer. So before everybody goes on crying about saving lives in Syria, they should better be prepared for what replaces it and they may not like it radical Islam comes in the way of the new government.

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