Saturday, August 31, 2013

Judgment in view of popular opposition

You know that a judge is in a very difficult position sometimes. They have to give sentencing which can unpopular in the general public. Recently there have been some cases where the public was expecting something contrary to what the judgment has passed. Before the case everybody professes in the justice system but once a judgment is passed which they are not expecting, they start to complain. And some judges have said that they cannot give their judgments contrary to what the laws say. But this does not mean that they do sometimes give judgments which are outrageous enough for the general public which may or may not fit the crime. So it is like damn you do and damn you don’t sometimes. And when it comes to capital crime and the emotions are high then if a judgment is given lighter than the crime that angry voices and critics are heard. It is really hard to be a judge especially when you have jurors deciding the fate and you are just there to pronounce the sentences according to the guidelines given sometimes by the government. I would not want to be in a position where I would have to give sentence to person even though I may know that he may be innocent. Because you are not there at the scene of the crime and the only way to know the case is the evidence being presented by the prosecutor and the defense attorney? And you have to pass judgment based on what the jurors have decided. No thank you very much I am fine without this burden.

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