Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Anti Americanism is on the rise in the Middle East

As you have been reading news, you may know that the Middle East is in turmoil and anti Americanism is on the rise there. No matter what side or sides the U.S. takes it is always on the losing side. This time it is the Egyptian unrest where the U.S. is involved in a high stakes game of getting involved and taking the side of the military and then has to give importance to the democratic aspirations of the Egyptian people. I don’t know why the U.S. wants to ruin its little goodwill that it has to take sides and not just see where the wind blows. The U.S. should be taking the side of the democracy but it is clearly not doing so and also getting itself boxed in with fewer options. There was a time when the first President Obama was inaugurated and there was hope in the Middle East that this time it would be different because of the reckless policies of the previous last eight years but we have squandered that opportunity. Even our so called close allies are supporting the Military crackdown in Egypt so where does the U.S. stand since it has clearly very little leverage in the Egypt and in the Middle East right now. The trust issue with the U.S. is all gone and they grudgingly admit to the U.S. having any role in the future of the Middle East and it is not just the Middle East but many Muslim countries that the U.S. is fast losing any credibility whatsoever. Do all the think tanks in Washington D.C. and other cities of the U.S. have any solution to this Anti Americanism and by its extension Anti western anger.

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