Friday, August 30, 2013

The financially stressed out Middle Class

As you have already know by now that not all Americans are rich even nowhere that term. But who is rich and who is not is another topic to be discussed somewhat latter but for now I want to emphasize the Middle Class who are living hand to mouth or you can say paycheck to paycheck and surviving on an increasingly perilous job situation. All the faces and laughter you see during the lunch hour (and not during the morning commute) is just a fa├žade that hides the fact that they are not doing as well as they persona seems to show it. All those nice suits and ties and fancy skirts and handbags do not do justice to their financial situation. They are being forced to do those things just to keep up appearance and show that they can be as well dressed even if they are going deeper into debt. The point I am making here is that the so called Middle Class is very much in financial distress and their income has been stagnating for quite a number of years and it seems that it is not improving while the expenses like kids’ college education, car prices, medical insurance and house maintenance is going up. The parents who are now retired or approaching the age of retirement are unable to help their grown up kids since they are already in financial stress due to depressed house prices and increasing unemployment among them. And we (the U.S) keeps on jumping into wars which we are financing it by burdening our Middle class with more taxes direct and indirect. And the politicians just pay a lip service to help out the Middle class since they are either not interested or it is beyond their control to help the Middle Class out.

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