Monday, August 19, 2013

Notoriety sometimes pays off

Although being notorious is not good for anybody but some people have used some kind of notoriety to propel their careers and even become rich in the process. Anybody who has become notorious has harnessed that notoriety into something financially lucrative. Not too long ago, this behavior would have been condemned but not with the proliferation of internet and media outlet more and more people are acting very badly maybe on purpose or they just don’t care and they can become instant celebrities doing this. For some people this kind of behavior can be an embarrassment to them and their family but for some they cash on it and follow the saying that bad publicity is better than no publicity. From politicians to would be celebrities and common people who achieve notoriety this can propel them into national and international stage. For politicians, notoriety can be killer since they are unable to get voters' attention and their perception of them being honest and trust worthy. But for others who don’t care about the public office, their notoriety can be instant big bucks or fast cash for a short period of time. Especially there have been celebrities whose sex tapes have been released and they have built on those scandals to reap in big bucks for themselves and have created an empire out of it. So instead of being ashamed, these people have cashed on their notoriety in a big way. And with the internet being big now, common people are creating videos where they act badly purposely or otherwise in order to gain fame and fortune. But be careful if you doing it on purpose and advertising to the world since it can later haunt you and your families.

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  1. Veena malik the pakistani actress,author of the book 'satanic verses' Salman Rushdie,the pastor From florida 'Terry Jones',they are the prime true in this time n age.