Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The security breaches

Recently there were three high profile security breaches in three countries, Iraq, Libya and Pakistan. And in each of these countries, hundreds of prisoners including dangerous Al-Qaeda terrorists and Taliban leaders and foot soldiers were freed. At least in one case, it has been boasted by the Taliban in Pakistan that they had inside help without which they would not have carried out the attack. I can understand that Iraq and Libya are in a chaotic situation and trying to build armies after the wars but what's going on Pakistan is a shame that have no bounds. It is claimed to have a professional army besides several paramilitary forces and other means to handle these kinds of incidents and still happens. The shameful part is that the Taliban came from far away crossing many checkpoints unhindered and unchallenged and the when the prison break was happening, a huge military fort is not far from there and everybody was sleeping at the wheels and then the Pakis direct the anger at the U.S. when it comes around to get their most wanted man without "invitation". All these security breaches just show that the terrorists are highly organized and intensely focused on destroying all the fabrics of the so called Islamic countries with impunity and there is nothing that these so called weak states (a topic coming up in a while) can do to reverse the trend unless they put their own differences and confusions behind them and do there jobs. Although in the case of Iraq and Libya, it is going to take some time but for Pakistan (with nukes involved) does not have the time or luxury to wait for somebody to clean up the mess it is in. The sooner the better.

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