Thursday, February 28, 2013

Working from home-The Employee Version

A few days ago, I wrote about how the people who work from home are mostly entrepreneurs who for the lack of space utilize their homes and garages to do start their business and then expand from there. As I wrote this one, the huge explosion (negative mostly) regarding Yahoo®- the online company's new policy of not allowing their employees to work from home has made many people who do work from home agitated. This included mompreneurs-moms who work from home. Most of the people were up in arms about the new policy since it casted everybody who works from home as lazy and not doing their work. I have never worked from home so I cannot say much about it but my wife has and after seeing the benefits I think that the new policy misses a point regarding working from home. The point is that some companies think that if all the employees are at work then they will work all the time and the management will keep an eye on them. Are we in school that we need to be monitored like that? What if somebody shows up just for showing the face and waste more time in the office then in the home environment? I can understand that there are distractions at home but to avail and keep this privilege the people will make sure they work harder than when they come into the office. They will still finish their work on time and even may want to work later to achieve that.

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