Friday, February 15, 2013

Can anyone be like Amazon?

That is the question everybody has been asking since they have become such a dominant player in the online business that everybody is trying feverishly to compete with it. They started small (as every internet business should do initially) selling books and now they are the number no. 1 online retail site in the world and their dominance does not end there. They have also bought where they thought that they had some competition or some area where they were weak and now Amazon is just a name for numerous websites under their brand name each with its own name and identity. And it is just the books that they are dominant but everything almost imaginable, they are competing on the basis of price and less overhead costs since they are online with only the warehouses and the website to operate. They are also active in streaming media content and giving tough time to big box retailers since Amazon does not have to maintain big stores and pay all the overhead costs associated with it. Apart from this they have created their own hardware and they are big in cloud computing having massive spare server space where other massive sites use it for their own business. So Amazon continues to be the far more dominant player and other websites are just trying to follow it as best possible as they can. Now the question is can anyone be like Amazon with its massive cash and revenue and profits? The answer can be maybe.

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