Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is ethnicity more powerful than religion?-2

Now we go to Italy. There is always tension between North and South as the North area has its own secessionist party ready to secede from the South part of Italy as they accuse them of being lazy. Then the Belgians have been have tensions lately as Flanders in the North accuse the mainly French speaking south of being lazy and feeding off the hard work of the Flanders and that nation has been on the edge of breaking up many times before. The same goes with Great Britain as it has a long history of Northern Island trying to go its separate way and now Scotland already on the verge of having a referendum on independence in a few years time. Also in Canada there has always been a tension between the English speaking Canada and the French Province of Quebec. They are always on the verge of being split in two as the French are more adamant to have their own country but always stop short of having an independent vote. Although ethnicity does not play as much a role in South America as it does in other regions of the world but still if you see the map, almost all are Christian nations with different nationalities and hence ethnicities and every nation wants to identify as such (which you can see the tension when the football (soccer as it is called in the U.S. happens). Now off to Africa and we have already seen that a big country of Sudan was divided into two as the south did not want to stay with proper Sudan. But it is in Asia that you see the biggest ethnicity pride and conflict based on it.

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