Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Do we need this many lawyers?

As if we did not have enough lawyers, now the news comes that they are opening more law schools to cater to some invisible body of students who are going to pay them top money for less jobs. Since the recession started, the jobs of lawyers are becoming less and less, add to that the software available on the market to deal with the basic law stuff and outsourcing of some law work to India and other countries makes this time to add law schools particularly precarious and ill advised. Although, colleges and universities strive to have law schools as it increases their perceived prestige but to not see the reality behind the lawyer’s joblessness is willful ignorance or negligence. The more law schools you have and more lawyers you graduate, the fewer jobs there will be and the more prestigious schools will always come on top and their graduates will always get the best jobs leaving the rest of the dwindling number of jobs to less prestigious school graduates. Add to that people take out hundreds of thousands of dollars in loan to go for the law school and then not finding a job is heartbreaking and frustrating but as I said in my previous posts about the degrees, the individual have to do extensive research to make sure that if they are going to take out loans then those loans should be put to good use and not chase after jobs which are facing unprecedented upheavals in the market (like the lawyers).

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