Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What does pro or anti mean?

Yeah I need to know the answer to this question are you really all the way pro or all the way anti on any particular issue? Are you pro choice but what would you do if your own daughter decides to have an abortion during marriage, are you going to give her a choice and stay out of her decision and lose your grand child or are you going to talk her out of it. Are you anti gay but what would happen if your own son and daughter turn out to be gay are you going to shun them, embrace them, get embarrass by them or be confused. Are you anti death penalty but what would happen if God Forbid your own flesh and blood gets killed randomly, would you genuinely seek the death penalty in that case of forgive the killer out of kindness. The above mentioned questions and countless other ones are confronted by us daily during our lives and it is easier to see them as black and white and straight pro or anti of anything but if it happens to yourselves, would you act the same way. It is easier to fight for or against something you believe in when it does not affect you but once you are in the center of it, then this label comes to haunt you and you are double minded. It really takes a big man/woman to stand on some issue despite all the risks and dangers and the main test comes when you are confronted by it. So before you embrace some issue and take a stand, try to be in the shoes of that issue and see if you can withstand all the tests including yourself and then become pro or anti something.

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