Monday, February 11, 2013

A new twist on Drone attacks

Just when you thought that drone issue will remain under wraps, word has come that the U.S. congress wants to have a say on how the drones are conducted. This came to light when a memo was leaked (intentionally or unintentionally) that said the drones will target Americans with sufficient information that they are part of some terrorist organization. As you know that every American citizen is accorded a due process of law before being convicted but with this new memo, it seems that a new twist on drone attacks has evolved. Although I believe that the White House must have consulted their constitutional lawyers before outlining this new strategy and as the comments are coming in, there is mixed response to it. Some believe it is right and some believe that it is subject to courts scrutiny. As you well know that in my blog I only give my opinion based on existing facts and claim not be a lawyer or experts on any law. Here I also want to give my opinion on it, notwithstanding what the constitution says, I believe that if a person has committed terrorist acts against his/her own country it is part of treason and as you well know that in many countries treason is punishable by death. Now the question is if the U.S. government has enough evidence to kill them without due process, as I have said before that we are in a new kind of war and by the time we capture that person (instead of killing them) many innocent people would be killed since the terrorists will do anything to evade capture. I have not see the leaked memo but based on the news in the papers and on the internet I am basing my opinion on that nothing more or less than that. (Disclaimer: It is my opinion based on information I have read in the newspaper and it is should be construed as an opinion of a citizen of the United States).

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