Sunday, February 24, 2013

Playing to the audience

Have you ever notice how everybody tries to play to the audience meaning they change their views according to whom they are addressing. They can say one thing to one audience which is clearly receptive to that idea and then slightly or sometimes more significantly change their tune when addressing a completely different audience. This may be due to the fact that they want to desperately accept by their target audience or maybe they want to make everybody happy and widen their base. Any which way you see it, this creates a conflicting view of the person who is addressing the audience. Where does that person stand of some views and why does he/she have to change his/her stance every time he has to address their audience. Although everybody does that from time to time but the most notorious in this case are the politicians who say several different variations of the same thing to different audiences and then the main message gets muddled along the way. I mean if you believe in something that is right why changing it from one target to the other, let the people decide who you really are. I can understand that everybody wants to be accepted by as many people as possible but does his makes it more acceptable to other people. If you try a bit harder, an honest depiction of your stance on a certain issue being consistent throughout every target audience will get you more approval rather than create confusion in the minds of the people and then you are not accepted as honest by anyone.

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