Monday, February 11, 2013

The end of Saturday Delivery of Mail

Although the U.S. postal service cannot unilaterally declare that the Saturday mail will end at a certain time or end at all, but after months of waiting for U.S. Congress to act on its request to stabilize its finances and stop its increasing debt and hearing nothing from them in this regard, it finally decided that in order to put pressure on Congress to do something about its increasing losses, they have decided that the Saturday delivery of first class mail (and not the Packages) will end in August of this year. It is a good decision or bad decision, time will tell but in order to reduce its losses, they had to find some way to streamline the Postal system. Although it will also affect me but not by much, I support this position of the Postal System. I for one use the internet most of the time to pay my bills and it is rare that I will send a bill by mail and if I do, I make sure that I have enough time to mail them out so that it reaches before the deadline of the bill due date. It will hurt those people who expect their bills by mail and also pay by mail but it can affect certain businesses which are dependent on sending and receiving their mail even on Saturday. As packages will still be delivered and mail can still be put in the mail box (though will be delivered on Monday), I guess that as the U.S. Postal system does not get the tax payers money, they will have to start running it like a business whether the Congress like it or not (and most probably they will not).

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