Monday, February 25, 2013

Working from home

As you know that this economy really is in the dumps despite all the statistics churned out by the government showing otherwise. People are having a hard time finding job as jobs either disappear, outsource or just not there to apply for. This has given rise to working from home phenomenon. Although it is not new but some people had always wanted to work from home. And women who have to take care of their kids or newborns are especially interested to work from home and some of them have successfully transformed their work from home into multimillion dollar business and helping their family along financially. Is it fun and productive to work from home, yes and no. Yes in the sense that you have the freedom to take care of lots of home stuff but you lack the interaction and dynamic of being in a work environment. But again it is more productive if you keep yourself concentrated on your work during the time you have allocated yourself to doing your business. Distractions are not allowed in any circumstances and your house area where you have the business should only be used for business and organized accordingly. And unless you like working in your night suit, it is not better to dress as if you are going to work (which is really like going to the office in your house). Although I have my own business (which for some reason I have not yet started) but after reading so many books on home businesses and entrepreneurial, I guess I can give some valuable advice to someone wanted to work from home and make some money.

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