Thursday, February 21, 2013

Freedom of Religion

We are fortunate enough to be living in a country where freedom of religion is guaranteed constitutionally. No matter what your religion is or no religion, you are guaranteed to practice it without any harassment from any governmental or non governmental entity. This freedom is cherished more by people who have been persecuted by in their native countries for their beliefs. I really don’t understand that who gave the right to anyone to interfere in the religious beliefs of others if it is not harming or threatening anybody. Religion is a private matter and it should remain so, if someone believes in one thing which may or may not be right in the eyes of other person, he/she does not have the right to make them put on the righteous way as they deem fit. If somebody is going to hell, why does it have to bother other person, the fewer people there are in heaven, the better. That said there are certain countries where the majority feel threatened by the tiny religious minority and they persecute them to the extent that either they forcefully convert them to the majority religion or make them flee their native and ancestral land for the safety of foreign lands. This is really pathetic and shows the narrow mindedness and myopic view of the majority who can't accept any views different than theirs. That is why despite all the propaganda against the Western countries about their moral decay, many people in third world countries long to go to these places where they are pleased to practice any religion without fear of being persecuted. I don’t have to name countries as the U.S. government publishes a list of countries based on the relative freedom to practice religion. All I can say is everybody has the fundamental human right to belong to whatever religion they have chosen for themselves and this right should not be taken by anyone on any pretext.

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