Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Working from home-4

Work at home needs discipline and support from your family members so they can understand that what you are doing is for the whole family not for your personal self. Even if you are working alone initially, it is better to incorporate than to be sole proprietor (that is my preference). As you expand your business you need not have to incorporate again as you have done initially. Other than this sole proprietorship does not entail registration with any government entity (mostly you should check with your local jurisdiction about their laws and regulation) if you are doing work quietly from your home. If it is a business where you have to meet certain government regulations then it is imperative that you should incorporate. Although working from home will be tiresome to some and may feel that you are losing some of the down time but that is not the case. In this economy, it has become essential that you have a plan B, C and even D since the threat of losing your job and not finding one easily is going dramatically up and even if you have a job, the salary has not kept up with the inflation and all the inflation that comes up now and then. Even if you don’t want this sort of hard work, you should at least give it a try since there is nothing wrong with trying and if you fail, it can have an experience that is more valuable than playing it safe and moving along like the ordinary person that I see every day.

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