Thursday, February 28, 2013

Desperate for money-2

As everybody knows by now, the cities, states and the country have pledged so much money to their citizens that they will not be able to pay in the future and that is why they keep on asking from us more just to keep their governments running on a daily basis. Same thing happens with human beings, we always need money for something, we have so many needs that what constitutes enough money is not defined. We need money for paying our bills, cars to buy, house to buy, clothes to wear and maintaining of the house and when and if we are done with that then we need to take care of our families and kids, their school and college education, and in this economy praying that after college they find a decent job as we are almost bankrupt by the time their college is done. Then even at that point we may have to support them if they find a job right away and we have to take care of our retirement (if we ever retire) and make sure we have enough in our kitty to outlast us and hopefully leave the rest to our kids. All of these things cost a lot of money and then we have to entertain ourselves and our families and hopefully give to charity (if we have anything left after all the expenses). So you can see that it is not only individuals but everybody from countries, states, cities, corporations and individuals above all are too much desperate for money and it will always happen.

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