Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can Science explain everything?-2

Science has until now not figured out how different diseases are to be cured and how human body reacts to each of them. I can tell from my personal experience that when my father was sick, the doctor was saying that lets try this medicine and see how his body reacts. This is the level of Science we have achieved that the Scientists keep on proudly proclaiming that everything can be explained with science. Even when one of your loved ones or somebody else is really sick, the doctor (a highly learned and practical science person) says that he has done whatever he can with the drugs and now it is time to pray. So instead of being arrogant, the scientists need to be humble and say that not everything (yet) can be explained with simple scientific formula. We as human beings keep on hoping that there is some scientific explanation to everything in the Universe but there are some things which cannot be explained by science no matter what kind of logic we use, science is not the be all and end of everything. We can use science in explaining some things but to totally rely on science for everything does not cut it and you need to go beyond science to explain certain things which defies logic, reasoning and scientific explanation. In explaining something we should use science in addition to non scientific deduction in order to come to some conclusion. Or in some cases non scientific methods may be the preferred and the only way to explain certain phenomenon.

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