Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Doubts over a college degree-2

Now the individual responsibility is to do your research and see that what majors are in demand (I know that by the time they graduate, those in demand majors may change) and check to see that even if you major in one of them would you be able to pay back your student loans or withstand a slowing down of the economy or even work for yourself. Although college degree has become essential but vocational education should not be overlooked (which I have mentioned before in other posts). Although I also know that the society has not still comes to grip with having their sons and daughters do manual labor and earn more money than sitting behind the desk. But one thing is for certain that vocational training like air-conditioning, heating, car repair, electrician, plumbing and the like will never be out of demand. Although I would not advocate any particular degree to pursue but if you have seen surveys, there is a consistent trend of having practical majors, like economics, engineering, business, information technology and as mentioned above you can go the alternative route and go for your vocational training in multiple fields and earn much more and consistent income throughout your life. If the job market was good, there would not have been much doubt about getting the college degree but the scarcity of jobs have disillusioned the young folks and their parents and it is time to think how to either create jobs in every field imaginable and if not possible then stir the potential college students toward employable and marketable majors or altogether vocational training.

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