Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The illusion of peace between India and Pakistan

Apart from hotspots like Syria, Israel-Palestinian conflict, Egypt, Mali and China-Japan island disputes, few Americans know that one conflict which can ignite Passions between two nuclear powered nations India and Pakistan is the Kashmir Issue. Every time somebody tries to mend the relations between these two hostile nations, some small conflict erupts along the international border and they are back to square one. Kashmir issue is a long standing issue and I believe that as also the Palestinian conflict, the parties involved don’t want this conflict resolved. It is for the very fact that if it is resolved then there would be no need for maintaining huge armies on both sides and the money going to the armed forces will be spent on the welfare of those people. India is at least ahead of Pakistan in terms of economy and they have to money (on surface) to spend on their armed forces and Pakistan in trying to keep up with that rely increasingly on nuclear power. You can really create an illusion of peace between India and Pakistan, but the fact is that there will never be peace between those countries since there are too many people involved in sabotaging any chance of peace since their politics thrive on hostilities. And also the several decades of indoctrination of hatred that has fed the minds of hundreds of millions of people will not be erased for ever. So in spite of small efforts by some people, it is in the interest of people in power in both countries to show the illusion of peace but be ready for war at all times.

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