Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The attraction of peace, justice, equality

No matter what your religion is or whatever you believe in, every human beings long to have peace, justice and equality in their midst. Whether they are extremists, radicals or any other kind, nobody wants to stay in perpetual state of war, injustice and inequality. I am talking this because increasingly there have been migration from the poor and war torn countries to the countries where peace, stability, justice and more or less equality in the eyes of the law prevail. And these are mostly western countries (who have no doubt achieved this after centuries of struggle). I sometimes read other countries newspaper and I have noticed that mostly poor countries and war torn one, people are trying desperately to enter the western nations legally if they can and illegally if they cannot. This urge to migrate to the west is not without hardship since people really die trying to reach the Promised Land. These people are so desperate that despite knowing all the risks and the ongoing financial crises in western countries, they risk it all to get a chance to earn some money, live peacefully and give education to their kids. This urge is so overwhelming that even if they are against the western values, they cannot help but see the good side of them which is so elusive in their countries that in some cases leaving behind their families is the only way out for them to make something of themselves and help their families monetarily back home. And this elusive lure of peace, justice and equality is not going to go anytime soon.

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