Thursday, February 21, 2013

The disaster that was the cruise ship

Recently a cruise ship hit the disaster territory and all hell broke loose on the ship. As stories started to come out about non working toilets and spoiled food, it was a PR disaster for the company also and as I was reading the details of the hapless customers I was thinking here comes the lawsuit and to no surprise, a few hours after hitting the coast of Alabama, the first lawsuit was filed against the company and I definitely believe that more will come as anger starts to resurface for people who suffered the agony of being on a cruise ship without basic necessities. I feel for those passengers as I can't imagine what they have gone through during their ordeal on a non working cruise ship. Although a $500 payment and free next trip through the cruise liner was announced as a compensation but I don’t think that same people would travel again anytime soon with that cruise liner. Now although it was a nasty experience I am sure for all the people but cruise ships (when they are working) are a great way to travel. I have traveled via a cruise ship northward towards Canada a while ago and I fondly remember it and term it the best vacation I had in my life. Although we were at sea, but it never felt that way with ample amount of food and entertainment on board and docking at various ports was actually more fun as we got to see many new places on one trip without paying much extra. So even with this bad experience in mind, I still encourage people to take a cruise vacation once in their lifetime.

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