Thursday, February 28, 2013

Desperate for money

There may not be a single adult person in the world that is not desperate for money, and it is not only people but every institution, state, city, town, country is looking for either ways to raise money or is seeking new funds from their superior authorities. You can start from anywhere and see that everybody is crying foul about not have enough money to cover their expenses or pay for the goods that they need or not need. Take a look at schools, despite paying a ton for property and school taxes, you can always find some or all of the schools are doing fund raising and teaming up with local businesses to give extra money to schools which the state or federal government is unwilling or unable to provide. For the schools I don’t really understand where all the school taxes go that even when they get the funds, they are still short of it and are trying to raise funds in creative ways. This I have already discussed in one of my previous posts so I am not going to delve on it anymore. The same thing happens with city and state governments, they are always trying to raise taxes and other forms of revenue and then still appeal want more of it as they are not tiring of crying poor all the time. It is as if you are putting money in a bottomless money pit with no end in sight.

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