Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The shock treatment

You know that I am firm believer that everybody should be subject to incremental amount of pressure so that the effect can hold completely like gradually increasing the taxes, or increasing spending or cutting taxes and many things in life that you can think of but sometimes you really need a shock treatment in order to bring unruly or completely stubborn people to their senses. Anything incremental would not do since these kinds of people can't absorb incremental punishments or treatment and they need to be subject to one big shock effect so that they come to their senses immediately instead of wasting everybody's time. Like giving a good amount of punishment for a crime instead of giving them probation, suspended sentences, a slap on the wrist or just pardon done does not make them realize their mistakes. Now I believe you must be getting confused about what I am talking. I am talking about immediate and effect doses of punishment, incentives and the like to people so that the effect can come fast on people. Although I know that it will come to be called cruel and unusual but that is the point. It is neither cruel nor unusual since the treatment will come right away. You would not jump around the solution since it will be effective the first time around. Any times the incentive, punishment is big enough the results will come faster instead of waiting for longer time and you would not be sure of the immediate effects.

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