Monday, February 25, 2013

Should U.K. stay in the European Union?-2

Although I understand that the European Union and hence the currency is in turmoil and it is doubtful to outsiders to see if it ever be an alternative to U.S. Dollar as a reserve currency (although in some ways it is for now) but they will eventually overcome this problem as the E.U. has one of the strongest and largest economy, Germany behind it. And U.K. is not in such a great situation right now while it is integrated with Europe, how it will fare when it is out of it is anybody guess. On the other hand, Europe without U.K. seems incomprehensible and hence the push to keep it in the fold and the criticism that is accompanying it to not to go through with the vote. It will be said day if U.K. gets out of European Union altogether and the turmoil it and the European Union will face if it in fact does. I know that efforts have already started in favor and against this vote, although I still believe that staying in the E.U. is much beneficial than out. But it is also true that U.K. is a highly dynamic economy and one of the largest in the world. They will still be able to survive without European Union (see other examples of countries in Europe but outside the Union) and thrive and it is now up to the British people to decide which way they want to take their country to.

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