Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is ethnicity more powerful than religion?-4

Even when you belong to one religion, perceived prejudices and superiority complexes creep up blatantly one and then and then you start to think that even when I pray the same way, I would never be accepted as them since I don’t belong that region and that is the source of the conflict. Religion was supposed to be the unifying factor for all humanity and it is not the fault of the religion but the people following it who fall prey to ethnicity, regionalism and statehood. It was not meant to be this way as everybody is human and one should be judged on their characters but even if you have the best character, it does not seem to matter as you don’t belong to "them". You may be the best person in the world in terms of your character and a model citizen but that does not cut it as you are not the same as "them". Add to this, then humans become victim of racism as black, white, brown, Asian, Latinos etc. So when even you are born in that particular region you need to be hundred percent like them otherwise then the natives start to ask you where did you come from originally like where you parents or grandparents were born like this ethnicity does not stop with you but has to go back to so many hundreds of years but maybe from the start of time. This is completely disgusting but it is happening and that is what I wanted to prove that ethnicity is far more powerful than religion and it will remain so.

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