Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Is ethnicity more powerful than religion?

Based on the looks of it, it seems that it is indeed far more powerful than religion. Why I say that, just look around you, people with the same color and religion belong to different nationalities and discrimination abounds in almost every country. Even within a country, ethnicity triumphs religion hands down and that makes it a potent force in nationalist parties to exploit it and try to have their own territories. You don’t have to go far away to see that. Just look at Europe, same religion and same color but different countries and ethnicities even while the individual countries try to foster a unique national identity, it fails sometimes because people are so attached to where they belong from rather than what religion they are following. I will give you a few examples below which will prove my point beyond doubt that indeed ethnicity is more powerful than religion (and will remain so). Let’s start with Europe and then we will go region by region to see how I can prove this logic. In Spain the recession has created a divide between northern Catalonians and the rest of the Spanish people. Although the language is slightly different but people still try to differentiate them from the less prosperous proper Spain. Some of them are adamant to go their own way. Now most of the Spanish people are catholic Christians but that does not deter people from expressing their ethnicity based on their characteristics.

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