Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can controversies make you famous?

There was a time when being nice and saying the right words were the norm but you say something that is now the conventional norm in the society and you create a controversy and gets noticed faster than just being a normal person. The same goes with the crime scene, if there is no crime in the city and everything is peaceful but even one crime gets more attention than all the peace in the city. Controversies do get a lot of attention since majority of the people don’t agree with it or are just plain offended by the comments and acts of the individual person or a company. You do some outrageous stuff and put it on the internet and even if you are nothing, you become something either because it is outrageous or people are not used to seeing or reading about it. Although controversies can also make you a target of some disturbed person but that is where the story lies, you get more attention than being a plain simple ordinary looking fellow. In my blog I have also tried to steer clear of controversial topics but I believe that people crave for some controversy or something out of the ordinary in order to get some attention. I have many topics in my mind that can create or generate controversy not only in the U.S. but also throughout the world but I try to avoid it and give a balance opinions on things but you may have noticed that now I have started to put my opinion on some of the controversial topics and hopefully it will continue in the future because being a normal person does not get you noticed or as I my case some hits on your blog.

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