Monday, February 25, 2013

Working from home-2

Although people who could not find a job or don’t have the option to work outside their house desperately try to find something on the internet which will bring steady income to their households but in the process they sometimes fall into traps where they go much deeper into debt and instead of making money, they lose it. Remember the saying if it is too good to be true it is. No work at home will be without hard work and dedication and forget about becoming rich overnight since unless you win a lottery, there is no such thing (even in that case you must be super lucky to win one). I would not touch anything even from far away if it does not involve significant amount of investment from me. By significant amount, I do not mean money but my hard work in order to earn the money I deserve. That said, working from home is easier said than done. There is much work than people think and also some kind of investment in infrastructure and equipment making a special area of your house a dedicated place where you can do all your business and where the kids are not allowed to go in at all hours. Although I know that once you have dedicated that area as business area, you will be tempted to deduct it from your taxes. I am wary of that unless you can show it to be exclusively for business, the tax people will look verily at the deduction.

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