Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Working from home-3

Since working from home is unlike working in an office environment, you need to be clean and organized because your home office is never closed for business. Your phone (which should be separate from the house phone) can be ringing any time of day and if you have not dedicated a space for your business you will be constantly interrupted by your kids and other noises. Although you can have an internet based fax service but nowadays it is so much cheaper to get a multi function printer (preferably a laser one) which has all the functions of scan, fax, print and copier all bundled into one. Adequate supplies like printer paper and stationery should be on hand at all times since you don’t want to run out of it in the middle of a business deal. Furniture should be comfortable enough to conduct your business and if you have products which needs to be stored, either you can use your garage, basement or a storage place near your home so that you can rush out and fulfill your orders or replenish your supplies when they run out in your garage or storage area. A business license is essential since you don’t want to annoy your neighbors and your town by conducting a business without their knowledge. I would prefer that you incorporate your business (I have done mine) instead of sole proprietorship since it has many advantages (you should consult your accountant for the best form of business structure or you read about it on the internet).

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