Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Can Science explain everything?

Now here is the question that people always ask (but not so the scientists) is it ever possible that Science can explain everything what is happening in our lives and outside it. Can it really explain what is beneath the sea and out in space. The scientists go out of their way to say that science can explain everything but can it really do it. The theories that we have heard in yesteryears are being challenged on routine basis. The Scientists keep on coming up with absurd ideas like recently they came out with a theory that a supreme being does not exist. How can they be so sure when they have not come up with a cure of cancers and other diseases. Every time, when the scientists declare that a disease has been eliminated, another more resistant strain of virus comes that the regular drugs can treat and you are scrambling to take control of it. We as human beings have not yet conquered the sea which we have co existed for thousands of years and have not figured out what is really out there and if we are alone or are there other creatures less or more intelligent than us. In fact, Science if can see it is still in its infancy constrained by the limits of the human mind and the human mind does not have the capacity of imagination of what is really out there. Although Science has indeed progressed far more in the last hundred years than many other centuries, but still we cannot explain by way of science.

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