Monday, February 25, 2013

Should U.K. stay in the European Union?

I was going to write this post on the subject before but due to some other problems I was unable to and I am glad I did since over the week, the U.K. with all its austerity rhetoric could not convince one of the rating agencies to stay put on its triple A rating and it was downgraded because of the weak outlook for its economy. Although the impact of losing this top notch rating would be minimal but the blow to U.K. ego and prestige would be huge. Now apart from this unfortunate turn of events, the most urgent is the referendum on the question of U.K. remaining in the European Union and how it will affect its economy and world standing on various issues. This is really a tricky issue and the one on which the future of the U.K. is now riding on. As you all know that I just voice my opinion on things around us and this is also my opinion that U.K. should not get out of the European Union. You know what they say about in Unity there is strength, by getting out of the Union, Britain would not be consulted on major issues facing Europe and it's decision would not carry that much weight as compared to if the voices is heard in unison. The access to the European Union market would be much restricted as compared to before and cross border trades which are now free flowing may in the future be subjected to more tax.

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