Friday, March 1, 2013

Working from home-The Employee Version-2

The best thing I can see from working at home may that be for your employer or for yourself is that you say commute time and money. You don’t have to fill up your car with gas and drive through horrendous traffic just to reach the office. The time you are doing that, you may start working or just relax until the time you are ready to work at the office time. And also since the 9/11 attacks, there has become a necessity that some of the people have remote access so that they can work even if something emergency like a hurricane or a snow storm hits your area. This trend of working from home will not stop just because one tech company had the far reaching wisdom to order all their employees to the office so that they can keep an eye on them like little kids. I don’t work from home and I wish I did at least some of the time. The stress to reach your office on time, driving, parking and taking some form of public transportation can take a toll on person's health too not to mention envy and sometimes resentment at other company's employees working from home. I guess that every company has its own corporate culture to look after but to say that working from office is the superior way to achieve productivity is only half the truth. Better to keep the policy of working from in tact and see to it that your work goals are achieved and even maybe more.

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