Friday, March 22, 2013

The first sale doctrine use victory-2

Instead of helping the American Consumers first, the big companies are ripping us off and selling stuff that cost less than half of that just for an excuse to sell that same stuff at a fraction in poorer countries. If they say that they will be unable to sell lower cost stuff, then too bad. We may be rich but not all of us are, even if we make six figures, out of that almost fifty percent goes towards federal, state and local taxes and then we get taxed on items we buy and then we have gasoline tax and toll tax on the roads, so overall we, the U.S. people are not much different than the poor guys but may be even worse because we have to spend more money to fund poor countries and still get bashed by them, whenever the opportunity arises. I don’t mean to ditch the poor countries, but as they say charity begins at home so if the companies are not willing to sell the same books (or any other copyrighted item) at the same price as in other countries, they should not put roadblocks in the way of people who go out and buy these items here and then can sell it back to recoup some of the expenses. And I am glad the Supreme Court of the United States realized that and gave a victory to millions of small entrepreneurs (and not so discounted entrepreneurs) to carry on this legitimate business without fear of getting sued.

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