Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The philosophy of offend, offense, offensive and offending

And the many variations of the world offend is very offensive to begin with. You can say something without knowing that you may have offended somebody or hurt somebody's feelings. And you can also use it if you do not want to play defensive in sports. Now you have to be very careful in what you are saying because you never know the words coming out of your mouth can hurt somebody to the extent that they may sue for slander or you may invite criminal procedures or general condemnation from public at large. My blog tries to make sure that I do not offend somebody's feelings inadvertently as I try to be as neutral as possible. There are some people who may apologize later on for something that they genuinely felt was their beliefs but due to the negative publicity, they are forced to either retract that statement or say that it has been taken out of context. No matter how much careful you are (including me) sometimes it becomes really impossible to side step some issues that you are passionate about and in airing those opinions you are bound to offend somebody. If that is the case, you can either apologize in advance (better), or you can apologize later when you are forced too. So that is why I am saying that in this day and age with all the electronic and social media keeping any eye on anything that is may even be considered remotely offensive, offending or offend the feelings or any group, religion, culture etc, it becomes really tricky to navigate and tip toe yourself to express the right words even if you don’t agree with them hundred percent.

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