Friday, March 15, 2013

Empowerment to women

Previously I was writing about how women should not be called a weaker sex when they are in space and have combat mission roles in the armies of some countries. Now I come to another point that just because they should not be called a weaker sex does not mean that they have achieved all the freedom and equality with men. In fact in the majority of countries, their role is relegated to doing household chores and other mundane things and never given an opportunity to prove that they can do something more than their so called traditional roles. By traditional roles I mean household work, maybe teachers and nurses and sometimes doctors because that is the roles women do play in some poor and deeply conservative societies are doing right now. And worse than that since they have to take care of their kids, their families and extended families and endure hardship and abuse too. I don’t only read the U.S. papers and other countries papers too and the picture is not pretty with regard to women. What we call domestic violence here is ingrained in many cultures around the world and no law protects them since everybody is so involved in it. The violence is justified in the name of religion and tradition and culture and the fear that if the women know their rights, they will demand it and that will be the end of male dominance. This is sad but the empowerment of the women does not stop on the advanced countries but it keeps on going in less developed countries.

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