Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are women still the weaker sex?

This is the most pertinent question, now that there are more and more women in the echelons of power. I always see this when reading about women issue that they are the weaker sex. It is true physically they can be a weaker sex but in terms of all the other matters, they are equal and sometimes more than that when it comes to do certain tasks. The media and all the people who write articles about women issue should stop using the weaker sex when describing about women because they are not weak. To start with you can see how women bear childbirth and we men cannot imagine how hard it will be if men had to go through labor and what not when giving birth. Although you may have seen in movies how men faint at the sight of blood when they see their babies being born, it maybe a joke but it is true in many parts of the world that men only see their babies after their born and not during the course of child birth. There was a time, when women were confined to household chores and did not work outside (it still happens in certain ultra conservative parts of the world) but in advanced and moderately advanced societies, things have changed a lot and women have come forward in many fields that have been exclusive domains of men for hundreds of years like construction, engineering, science etc. And little by little they are tearing down walls in some of the mostly exclusive areas where men dominate.

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