Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why sales are such a hit

I know that everybody has gone to a sale once in a lifetime, even those ultra rich people like sales. Any kind of sales will do and you can see the ads in the newspaper and on the internet that how sales are splashed and promoted every day or on every holiday occasion. If you go to a shopping mall on a sale day (which is usually a weekend or a holiday), sometimes you are unable to find a parking space for your car and once you do then you can encounter lot of rush inside the mall. It is not only the big stores that have sales but the small stores join in to cashing in on the crowd of people looking for deals.Why these sales are resonate so much with the consumers that they sometimes organize their times around it? You may have already read one of my recent posts about deals that some websites have been touting vigorously. As I said before, it is part of urgency and adrenaline rush that gets us all charged up when we see sales. We have been wired in our brains that sales means that we are getting something which is more than what you are paying and it creates value (never mind the fact that the stores still make money on these sales). But also we are so happy that we boast to our neighbors, friends and family that we got something that you did not get it cheaply. If there are no sales and every day is a great bargain then there is no urgency and you will not be in such a rush and fighting with crowds to get the deal and you would not boasts it to other people how less they paid for something and also the value you will feel you are getting will be less since it will not be a deal in your mind.

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