Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The overkill of daily deals-2

Furthermore there have been complaints by some retailers that they have incurred more losses due to these coupons deal because either they were not expecting such an overwhelming response to their coupons or did not anticipate that they will lose money on it. Because of this, they are wary of running another promotion on these sites and some retailers completely shun them so as not to dilute their brand. Since the daily deals sites have exploded on the internet, people are being overwhelmed by all the deals jamming their email boxes and they can spend only so much on these deals in this economy when people are having a hard time making ends meet and trying just to buy the essential. There has been overall a case of deal fatigue. I like deals to but only when it comes once in a while since I will spend what I need and not needlessly go out and spend my hard earned income. Deals can be an exciting way to promote your business but you need to be careful not to dilute your brand and not make it a habit so that the customers will wait only for the deal since that will hurt your bottom line. Deals can create a kind of adrenaline rush in some people and you get excited and find some way to pay for it but if it is a constant barrage of deals then you get complacent and there is no urgency to follow through it since you will wait for the next deal to come. The retailers need to keep this in mind when crafting their promotions, otherwise you will get more people pay only the deal price and you will not be able to sustain your business on that unless you have brought your merchandise at next to nothing prices.

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