Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let nations grow on their own

I was just reading an article in a magazine about turmoil in a country and started to wonder why that is with all the good intentions that the western countries show about the developing world, there is always hostility and resistance towards outside interference in the internal affairs of the country. And why is that a certain portion of the developing country is always appealing for outside force to repeal what they think is a hostile government. Why can't the western nation’s population demand of their government to mind their own business and let the local population sort things for themselves? It is not if the western nations grew with outside interference but only through their own people that they succeeded to where they are at now. I don’t really understand that the western countries have problems of their own and then they want to interfere in countries which they don’t know anything just because they saw killings, corruption, fighting and other bad things happening to the local populace and the conscience woke up. We should let these so called developing countries grow on their own without outside help or if you want to help just give the aid for development and not for your own self interest. It is only through the local effort that countries will go on their own and any imposition of outside forces or ideas without having the slightest idea of what the local environment entails will eventually backfire and instead of having a friendly government, it will face a hostile government and populace.

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