Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Addicted to legal drugs-2

Coffee is just one of the so called legal drugs which have caffeine in it which supposedly perks you up. But another one is also famous (or I should say infamous) which is cigarette which has nicotine in it and people get addicted to it and can't get rid of the habit even when studies have shown to be highly damaging to your body. I have see people standing outstanding in bone chilling weather get their fix of smoking and shivering at the same time. It is that powerful that people have a hard time going without it even in freezing weather. Although the campaign against it has been going on strong but this habit dies hard and very slowly unless you eliminate the whole cigarette industry. These are just the two biggest prime examples of how seemingly innocent products on the outside hook people up. Now we come to the other drugs which are prescribed in the routine matter like when somebody is ill or have a pain and then they become addicted to pain killers and over the counter drugs. I know that there are severe restrictions on the dispensing on some powerful pain killers but still people get a hand on it by some doctors for years on end without any oversight by the regulators. And nowadays, people are creative enough to make any household product into a drug and sniff it and get high and then get addicted to it to the point of their own death. It is these legal drugs that the government should go after first and foremost because that is how the addiction in the first place starts but they will not because I know that everybody is addicted to legal drugs no matter how much you deny it.

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