Thursday, March 7, 2013

Greed destroys everything-2

But it is not the first time, such type of case has been brought to court, a very similar and identical case has gone to court and was decided in the favor of the people who sued the person who said that he bought the winning ticket out of his money and not out of collective pool of his co-workers. And you can see countless cases of greed with scam trying to get money out of innocent victims and fighting that is occasionally seen on the date of the will reading or divorce proceedings. No followers of any religion that I can think of (no offense to anyone) are immune from this disease. It is as if that there is no cure for this and it has the effect of destroying families, societies, tradition, culture, neighborhoods etc. The greedy person does not show any emotion or remorse when they become greedy and the people who accuse him/her of that attribute may have been involved in it themselves. There are so many material temptations out there that the human being cannot resist and feel to this disease and then go about destroying not even themselves but other people. The greedy person does not stop with one act of greediness but he/she remains restless all their lives because their greed never gets fulfilled. It is this greed that is consuming mankind and it is the root of all evils. I hope that I don’t become greedy one day but it will be tall order to do under the current materialistic situation

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