Thursday, March 21, 2013

There’s always a choice

This debate has been going on for eternity about the choices we make or not make. Most of us say that we don’t have a choice in making decisions and very few say that we have a choice. I am on the side of the few who say that we have choice. Now you say that there may be some decisions in which you clearly don’t have a choice like some life threatening situation or the one where you have to make a decision about a loved one and you say that I don’t have a choice and I made the only one that was the most feasible. But I believe that everybody has choice good or bad, but there is always a choice for an individual to make regarding every decision in life. For example, I have a choice to go to work or not but I cannot say that I don’t have a choice because I can say that I can either go to work and make money for my family or I can stay home and not go and starve. It is not about the only choice of going to work that I have but the alternative is a bad choice. Same you can say about every decision you make, you have a choice it may be a good choice or bad choice depending on the situation but there is a choice and as human beings we consciously or unconsciously make one each day.

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