Friday, March 8, 2013

Everybody is a student

I know that for sure that nobody in this world right now knows everything about everything in the world. That means you start a topic and they may or may not know the whole thing about it. They may sometimes know something about it but not everything. You learn something new every day about things that you may not know before and even if you know it, you may be surprised to find something new that you may have missed or not learnt about it before. That is why I say that everybody is a student and nobody can say that they have mastered a certain topic since there is always new research and discoveries going on that even if you feel that you know the inside out of something, your notion of that thing changes once you find out new things related to it that had not been discovered by anybody. Sometime people don’t like to be called a student since they feel that they are not in school but there is nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that you don’t know everything even in your own field of work since every field has expanded so vastly that if you don’t update or keep up with new technology, your mastery of that field becomes obsolete. Even the top level professors and top prize winners don’t stop learning new things once they have reached the height of their field since they may discover something which was hidden the first time they discovered. So no matter what someone says about themselves being able to know something in and out, take it as a grain of salt and laugh it off.

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