Thursday, March 7, 2013

The best and the worst in your life

I always hear (especially from the kids) that they had some bad moment and immediately they pronounce it as that day being the worst in their lives. And even adults sometimes say that it is the worst day of their lives. I really don’t get it. How did they find out that they have the worst day of their life when they do not know if they are not going to have worst day in their future? Unless you are dying and get resurrected to live another day or some worst calamity, you cannot be sure that a particular problem will snowball into the worst day of their lives. I have not heard myself saying that I have had the worst day or the best day of my life. Although you can say that the worst day was the day my father died and the best was the day my daughter was born. But again you cannot be absolutely sure that you will encounter your best or the worst day anytime in your life unless it is a life changing event and you know by surety that you would not experience it again. But you never know, you can have the best or worst day later in your life and you start to proclaim it as such and then you realize was that they really worst or best day or should I expect far more worse than what I have experienced today. I can understand that it is just a frustrated expression and the kids don’t know better but the adults should know it and proclaim it carefully. But it is just human emotion that takes over your brain at that particular moment that prompts to say what the title exactly says.

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