Thursday, March 21, 2013

The first sale doctrine use victory

The Supreme Court of the U.S. has given the people a wonderful victory on a case which had far more ramifications than people would have realized. And the news was not that much highlighted or discussed much in the press. The case was about a foreign student who was studying in the U.S. and realized that the books sold here were enormously expensive, so he asked his family back home overseas to send some of the same textbooks printed overseas to the U.S. so that he came save some money and in the process, he started selling those International edition books from his dorm making him a tidy profit. And so he was sued by the copyright holder that it was a violation of copy right and trademark. But as wiser heads prevailed, the case was thrown out because of the subject that for example if I buy a book or music or any copyrighted material, here or overseas I have the right to sell it again to a third party and it is a not violation of copyright holders. Why this if a great victory, because the copy right holders excuse was that if the above thing was going to happen, they would not be able to sell lower costs books to the poor countries and the price overall would increase. But it is really just an excuse, I have been to poor countries and even if you make it dirt cheap, people are still unable to afford it and they make unauthorized copies of it and then sell it at a lower affordable price and again for example if the companies are unable to sell it at a lower price, so what do they have to soak us people here in the United States so that they help some people far away who, even given a free hand out from the U.S. would still hate our guts and don’t even mind destroying or attacking it.

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